Housing & Institutions

Among the facilities and institutions covered under the General Sanitation Legislative Rule (64 CSR 18) SG-49, are campgrounds, organized camps, hotel, motels, and schools. The General Sanitation Rule establishes the minimum public health sanitation requirements for these facilities. 

A Permit to Operate must be issued by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. Please Click Here for an application. 


  • Campsite – any plot of land within a campground used or intended to be used for the location or placement of a camping unit.
  • Camping Unit – Any tent, camping vehicle, cabin, or similar vehicle or struc¬ture designed or intended to be used for camping purposes. 
  • Campsite – Any plot of land within a campground used or intended to be used for the location or placement of a camping unit. 

Organized Camps

  • Organized Camp – Any area, place, parcel or tract of land on which facilities are established or maintained to provide an outdoor group living experience for children or adults, or where one or more permanent or semi-permanent structures are established or maintained as  living or sleeping quarters for children or adults, and operated for educational, social,  recreational, religious instruction or activity, physical education or health, or vacation purposes either gratuitously or for compensation.  This definition shall not be construed to include hunting, fishing, or other camp privately owned and used exclusively for the personal pleasure of the owner. 
  • Labor Camp – A labor camp includes any lumber, mining, agricultural, construction, or other industrial camp where ten or more persons are employed and housed in temporary quarters, such as cars, motor homes, camper vehicles, wagons, tents, cabins, buildings, or other similar enclosures.


  • HotelEvery building where food and lodging are furnished to guests and payment is required.
  • MotelEvery building constructed, designed, maintained, offered, or used to furnish lodging to automobile transient guests or the traveling public. The term motel includes auto courts, motor courts, auto lodges, motor lodges, tourist cabins, tourist cottages and tourist courts.


  • School – A public or private organization that provides instruction for the teaching of childrenThe term includes early childhood / primary education centers, middle childhood / junior high education centers, adolescent / high school education centers and vocational education centersThe term does not include childcare centers as defined in the bureau for public health rule, Child Care Centers, 64CSR21. Schools include public or private correctional facilities, colleges and universities and primary and secondary educational facilities (pre-K through grade twelve).

Landlord/Tenant Rights