Confidential HIV Testing & Counseling


Please call 304-523-6483 to schedule an appointment.

Please schedule an appointment for HIV testing.

HIV Testing can also be done in any STD Clinic Appointment or Family Planning Session.

Tests can be done with an oral cotton swab with results in about 20 minutes, or by blood sample with results in approximately 1 week.

Client counseling and referrals are available.

All tests and results are confidential.


HIV Prevention and Testing

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HIV Transmission
Basic Information on Prevention (Spanish)
HIV Testing (Spanish)
Basic Information on PrEP (Spanish)
Basic Information on PEP (Spanish)
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) – HIV Risk and Prevention (Spanish)

Living with HIV

Living with HIV
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Dealing with Stigma and Discrimination
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Healthy Living with HIV
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HIV Testing


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