Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

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The Cabell-Huntington Health Department (CHHD) is pleased to present the Healthy Vision 2020:

A Comprehensive Community Health Improvement Plan for Cabell County. This Plan was created among the Regional Health Connect (RHC), an infrastructure of partners representing a wide variety of organizations, established as a collaborative and community participatory process to drive health improvement in the county. The purpose of RHC is to ‘align community organizations to positively impact health’. Without the diligent work and commitment of these partners this document would not exist. Cabell County’s needed health improvements can only occur in conjunction with strategic and coordinated efforts, as well as recognition of the complex factors that influence health in the tri-state area. Subsequently, a community health improvement process in Cabell County requires a community-based, systematic, and consistent approach that creates a dynamic network of health promotion through specific goals, measureable outcomes, and strong partnerships. 

HEALTHY VISION 2020 focuses on six priority health issues, identified by Regional Health Connect partners and equal in importance, upon which the community will work together to improve health. From November 2015 to May 2016, the RHC used the September 2015 updated community health assessment, along with the 2012 community health assessment, to identify the most critical health issues. The RHC, in collaboration with CHHD then established a workgroup for each of the six priorities to collectively guide and plan strategically around each issue. The goals, objectives, and strategies contained in this Plan are aimed toward improving the lives of all Cabell county residents and aligning with national priorities for quality health care. The Cabell-Huntington Health Department is confident that the strong and committed partners of Regional Health Connect will move this plan forward in a successful manner. 

All interested parties are encouraged to review this document and determine what role they can play in the future of the public’s health. Regional Health Connect is open to all partners and the community at large. There are multiple challenges, but also tremendous opportunities, for every individual and entity to play a critical role. This includes, but is not limited to, hospitals, the health department, health care providers and clinics, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, law enforcement, social services, and individuals. 

Michael Kilkenny, MD, Physician Director
Cabell-Huntington Health Department