Daycare & Family Daycare

Childcare Center – Any childcare facility providing nonresidential childcare for seven (7) or more children for all or part of a day.  The term childcare center includes: day care centers, family day care facilities, nursery schools, and preschools.  

Day care center – A childcare center which provides nonresidential childcare for thirteen (13) or more children on a nonresidential basis. 

Family daycare facility – A childcare center which is used to provide nonresidential childcare for seven (7) to twelve (12) children, including children who are living in the household who are less than six (6) years of age.  No more than four (4) of the total number of children may be less than twenty-four (24) months of age.  

  • If you are wanting to open a childcare facility, an application and floor plans must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days before the actual or proposed operation of the childcare center is scheduled to begin 
  • There is a requirement of 35 sq ft of usable indoor floor space per child (75 sq ft of usable outdoor space per child) – this means that when calculating the square footage of a room, you should subtract the space any furniture and other items take up from the total square footage of the room/playground 
  • For Childcare licensing standards, call the WVDHHR Cabell County coordinator Kelley Skinner at 304-269-6820 x 37257 

Adult-to-Child ratios for family daycare and daycare facilities: