Tattoo/Body Piercings

Environmental Health helps to protect the health of Cabell County citizens by permitting and inspecting all body art studios. Body art studios are inspected every six months. Temporary body art studios are inspected when they set up for an event. 

All tattooing, body piercing or microblading must be done at a permitted body art studio. 

All body piercers must have a current registration with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DRRH) and must follow the West Virginia Tattoo Studio and/or Body Art Studio Regulations. 

Body Art Studios 

All Body Art Studios that are new, being renovated, or have a change of ownership must go through the plan review process. This starts with filling out a plan review application. Once your plan review is approved, you must contact CHHD Environmental Health and schedule an opening inspection.

  • Tattoo Studio Plan Review Application 
  • Body Piercing Studio Plan Review Application