Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This time schedule will vary depending on the job duties to be performed. Due to the nature of training,
performing inspections and evaluations, weekend and evening work, and the use of Work Schedule Adjustment may be required. The position requires the individual to be available 24/7 to respond to a public health threat or drill. Function in a variety of roles as assigned by the Chief Sanitarian, Administrative Services Manager, Chief Operating Officer and/or CEO and Health Officer during the event. Most of the duties are office-oriented and field time is limited to training on the job.

Lunch 30 minute period


Train to implement an inspection program for foodservice establishments, retail food establishments,
care centers, child care centers, mobile food units, vending machines, temporary food establishments,
fairs and festivals, swimming pools, organized camps, manufactured home communities, tattoo, and body
piercing studios and recreational parks in Cabell-Huntington Area.

Train to understand and be able to communicate proper food handling for the public or more as needed
using approved material from your supervisor that meets state requirements.

Train to inspect and evaluate establishments and other facilities to determine compliance with federal,
state and local safety and environmental regulations.

Train to inspect fairs and festivals as required by the Director of Environmental Services. The Director of
Environmental Services will notify you of the event. You will train to work directly with the vendors and event coordinator at the location and time to be present at the event.

Train to investigate public complaints related to environmental health concerns, determine their validity,
prepare reports documenting findings and recommendations, work with supervisor to prepare letters for
violations of health and safety codes, set forth compliance schedules to correct violations; and if need be,
present evidence and testimony in court proceedings.

Train to conduct investigations or inspections of establishments and document all health and safety
violations on Health Space to keep routine reports and correspondence in order to maintain accurately
records and files concerning all activities as required.

Train to collect environmental samples for analysis to determine if a potential health hazard exists. If a
a health hazard is discovered, then plans are initiated to assess the facility to identify and reduce the source
and nature of the hazard(s), to acceptable levels.

Train to collaborate with the Nursing Department, Local Epidemiologist, the Administrative Services
Manager, Chief Operating Officer, and the Director of Environmental Services on food-borne illnesses.

Train to provide education services in environmental and safety practices through demonstrations or by conducting classes for public and private entities to promote practices that will reduce the risk of disease transmission and hazards in the community.

Advise or coordinate with other governmental bodies, facility directors, contractors, and the public on
Public Health matters under the direction of the Director of Environmental Services, Administrative Services
Manager, Chief Operating Officer and/or CEO and Health Officer.

Provide field orientation for Environmental interns, medical students, and medical residents.

The Employee will be responsible for participating in regular state Sanitarian training to gain the necessary
skills and impart these skills to the community.

Any work schedule adjustments, to your normal work schedule, need to have prior approval from the
Director of Environmental Services.

If early completion of your monthly training occurs, the Sanitarian in Training is expected to assist their
fellow co-workers or participate in on the job training for approved hours, as required by the Board of
Sanitarian Registration.

You are responsible for reporting to work on time and on a regular and dependable basis. Good
attendance and punctuality are essential parts of your job performance and will be considered in your
performance appraisal.

If you must be absent without advance approval due to personal or family illness, or another emergency
situations, you must personally notify the Director of Environmental Services by phone, text, or email
prior to the absence.

Chain of command within your department must be followed if the Director of Environmental Services is
not available or is unable to be reached.

Train to perform appropriate calculations and documentation to complete reports and maintain records.

Use a computer to enter and store data.

Train to maintain equipment, supplies, field logs, equipment logs, and calibrate equipment and supplies.
Follow a preventative maintenance schedule.

Train to communicate violations, deficiencies, or noncompliance to customers.

Train to prepare timeline and reports for legal action as required.

Train to attend court hearings on behalf of the Health Department as required.

Adhere to all CHHD policies, procedures, and protocols.

Any other duty assigned by the Director of Environmental Services.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS: Objectives to be accomplished during the rating period.

Train to keep assigned routes, as designated in Health Space, with the proper frequency of inspections
per establishment, as required by this department for Food Establishments, Child Care Centers,
Hotels/Motels, Tattoo/ Body Piercing, Fairs and Festivals, and other programs as assigned.

Train to obtain the proper amount of samples, required by code, for each as required for pools, food, and
community water supplies.

Train to complete and accurate paperwork for environmental sample(s) at the time of the inspection.
Sample(s), and the completed paperwork, are to be sent to the appropriate lab within 24 hours of collection. Follow the proper packaging requirements for the samples being submitted. Notify the Director of Environmental Services if samples cannot be mailed within the 24-hour time frame.

Train to ensure all paperwork pertaining to your establishments for your route needs to be accurate and
complete and in a timely manner.

Train to complete all follow-up inspections on the date you specified in the initial inspection report.

Train to investigate all complaints within 24 hours for critical complaints and within 96 hours for noncritical complaints upon receipt and initiate appropriate notices and actions immediately after the investigation.

Train to place all inspections and complaints into Health Space laptop or on an official form. Inspections and complaints are to be entered the same day as work performed and synched prior to leaving the facility. If there is a problem with your computer or Health Space, notify your supervisor immediately.

Respond to communication from the public health alert system.

Keep the Director of Environmental Services informed of any problems or issues so he/she is aware of them before hearing from a customer or co-workers.

All field equipment must be easily accessible and maintained in operating order available for inspection
by the Director of Environmental Services or other agency designees.

Follow the chain of command prior to suspending an operational permit for any facility for uncorrected critical debits or immediate public health hazards. Train to complete a minimum of 4 inspections a day is required.

Learn how to provide a work plan for that week to the Director of Environmental Services. This work plan will outline in detail the daily tasks you intend or propose to accomplish for that workweek.

Monthly narratives will be due no later than noon on the first Friday of the new month. In the narrative
you will only outline training completed program updates, investigation updates, field/partner
education, meetings or training attended and classes attended.

Training forms are to be completed and given to the Director of Environmental Services each week/month.

Minimum Qualifications
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university.
Starting Salary: $34,000 -with a $1,500.00 increase for a Master’s Degree
Complete all training and become a Sanitarian, as approved by the State of WV, in one year


If you are interested in applying, please email for more information.

This job posting will close Thursday, June 17th at midnight.