Infectious Diseases


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Epidemiology is the method used to find causes of diseases and health outcomes in populations.  Cabell-Huntington Health Department houses two epidemiologists: the local epidemiologist who focuses exclusively on Cabell County and the regional epidemiologist who serves Cabell County along with seven other counties in the western and southwestern part of the state. The primary roles of the epidemiologists at Cabell-Huntington Health Department are: 

  • To investigate diseases that are reportable in West Virginia 
  • To investigate outbreaks of diseases 
  • To help control the spread of infectious diseases 
  • To serve as a resource to medical providers, community partners and the general public 
  • To provide education on diseases and how to prevent or reduce the spread of infectious diseases 

Epidemiologists investigate diseases by looking at who, what, where, when and how. 

  • Who is sick and who is at risk of getting sick? 
  • What are their symptoms and what is the disease that is making them sick? 
  • When did they get sick? 
  • Where could they have been exposed to the disease? 
  • And how can we stop or reduce the spread of the disease? 

This information is then used to help control the spread of disease and to protect others from getting it. 


Disease Information

Information to help control the spread of disease and to protect others from getting it.



Hepatitis  is an inflammation of the liver, which is the organ responsible for filtering the blood and fighting infection.  Hepatitis usually causes symptoms such as jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, and loss of...

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Head Lice

Head Lice

Head lice  is caused by a parasitic insect that can be found on the head, including the eyebrows and eyelashes. They are spread from close contact (head-to-head), sharing combs or brushes, or from the environment of someone who has lice.  For more information visit: ...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronaviruses There are four types of coronaviruses that are common in humans and often cause mild to moderate illness like the common cold.  Coronaviruses are common in many species of animals, and usually cannot be transmitted to humans. Occasionally, there are...

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For Medical Professionals

Reportable Disease Chart for Providers:

Reportable Disease Chart for Laboratories Paper Reporting: 

Reportable Disease Chart for Laboratories Reporting Electronically