Milk Samples
Cabell county averages about six (6) different times a year to pick up milk samples and submit them for bacteria analysis.

Currently milk samples are collected from three different dairy trucks and from inside a store of choice (as long as it is located within Cabell county). The three dairy trucks sampled from are Broughton Foods, United Valley Bell and Modern Dairy Foods. All three of these vendors must be present in Cabell County as well as delivering at the time a sample is collected. Generally three samples can be taken from each dairy if available on the trucks. At times there can be more than one dairy present on a truck. Various sizes and container types may be available on the trucks or in a store, such as anywhere from pint size plastic to 8 ounce plastic tub to quart size paper carton to a gallon size plastic container. All collected and submitted samples must be grade A type only. Once the samples are taken off of the trucks or inside a store, they are taken back to the health department, condensed in size and shipped for bacteria analysis at the state laboratory. A designated sample is labeled as the temperature control, otherwise referred to as TC, and is shipped with the entire case of collected samples. The TC is read upon receiving at the state lab. If the TC is out of temperature then the rest of the shipment is rejected and new samples must be taken. Moreover, if the TC is within temperature range and a sample has high bacteria counts, then that sample type is recollected and submitted for additional analysis.



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