Approval of Agenda

Election of Officers

Approval of December 2023 BOH Meeting Minutes

Cabell-Huntington Health Department Reports
  4. Chief Operating Officer - Tim Hazelett
  5. Administrator Report - Elizabeth Adkins
      a. Administration
         Public Information
         Prevention Programs
      b. Threat Preparedness
  6. Epidemiology - Mikaela Earl
      a. Epidemiology
      b. Regional Epidemiology
  7. Nursing - Kathleen Napier
      a. Clinical Report
      b. Harm Reduction Program
  8. Environmental Health - Rodney Melton
  9. Financial Report - Jack Mease
      a. Approval of Invoices and Receipts for December 2023
  10. Chief Executive Officer and Health Officer - Dr. Kilkenny
  11. Executive Session

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