Cabell-Huntington Health Department Alerts Citizens of Increase in COVID-19 Cases

HUNTINGTON, West Virginia. The Cabell-Huntington Health Department is alerting Cabell County
and City of Huntington residents of increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases over the past several days,
following the July 4th holiday. Our county’s status is now yellow on the WV DHHR state map as well as
the national map published by Brown University. We are seeing increases in both confirmed and probable
cases in children and adults. While not approaching the peak numbers seen in late winter, the increase
alerts us to the ongoing risk of infection, which can still result in illness, severe illness, or death. This
trend is being seen in our state and many other states. Persistent presence of the SARS CoV-2 virus and
the spread of more easily transmitted variants are major factors. Lower than optimal rates of COVID-19
vaccination among those eligible to take the vaccine and less restriction on masks and gathering also
contribute to the spread. More than half of the county’s confirmed cases in the past 7 days have been in
the age groups from 10 to 39. Few cases occur in the age groups with the highest vaccination rates – those
over 60.

Increased immunization is the most potent tool available to reduce the spread of the COVID virus.
Unimmunized individuals who are eligible are urged to get vaccinated now. The vaccines are free and are
available at many locations in Cabell County without appointment. The vaccines have proven to be safe
and effective, including effectiveness against the variants of concern spreading now in the United States.
Other measures individuals can take, based on their immune status and exposure risk, include continuing
to observe physical distancing, mask wearing indoors or when distancing isn’t assured, and staying home
when ill. Persons ill with respiratory symptoms should be tested for COVID-19, and persons who are
exposed, or are concerned about a possible exposure, should also be tested.

Persons ill with COVID and their contacts should follow the directions of the health department case
investigators and contract tracers to isolate or quarantine as directed. Additional testing of ill individuals
may be offered in specific instances to test for variants of concern, according to protocols established by
the WV Bureau for Public Health and the CDC.

For information regarding COVID vaccine availability as well as information about COVID testing,
please visit our website at The Cabell-Huntington Health Department will continue to
monitor infection rates and will alert the public to changes in risk.
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